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Rational elegance

Inspired by the careful balance of function and form comes Stem Table Light – a new design from the Belgium based studio, RAAK. Stem organically becomes one with your interior and is rooted in the idea that light makes life grow. Perfect for nightstands and side consoles, RAAK’s creation brings any room to life with its soft, ambient glow.

Leuven, Belgium

Get to know RAAK

Stem has such an organic shape and namesake. Can you talk about how natural elements inspired this design?

Centered on the idea that light makes life grow, our intention was to create a Table Lamp that conveyed a feeling of seamless transition like the rising of the sun or the blossom of a flower. While Stem brings life into your room, the simple, translucent design feels organic to any interior.

It does seem to easily blend into any space. How do you see Stem being used in the home?

Over time, our light should not only blend to but become a part of your space. We envision it becoming a source of ambient light in living rooms and bedrooms that is so reliable you forget you even turned it on.

Is that a key part of your design philosophy? Reliability?

Our first aim is always to make products logical in every way by focusing on usability and manufacturability. We feel responsible to create valuable products that improve people’s way of life. We love the idea of something that looks so simple yet creates a long lasting impact and impression.

Who is the ideal Stem user?

Anyone who values friendly, subdued lighting. It's perfect for someone who appreciates a more timeless, quiet design – something they will keep for a long, long time.

"We feel responsible to create valuable products that improve people’s way of life."

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