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Living room lighting ideas to illuminate your space

Gantri presents ten lighting ideas to make your living room one-of-a-kind.

Written by Gantri Editorial Team

Mar 26, 2024

The living room – it’s the center of the home, the pinnacle of comfort. Whether you’re looking to make a smaller space feel more spacious, create a cozy nook for the family, or style zones out of a larger space, this is the guide for you. 

Interior lighting is one of the most subtle yet effective ways to maximize your living room space. Stay tuned to discover ten living room lighting ideas to illuminate your space and upgrade your living experience. 

Maximize natural light for an airy living space

An Asian woman reading with the help of natural light from an open window and the light of an illuminated red Kero Table Light

Natural light often creates most of a living room’s ambient lighting. Filling your living room with sunlight is a great way to create a more airy, restful space – and you don’t have to have an abundance of natural light to make it work. 

Make use of mirrored surfaces

Mirrored surfaces can bring a whole new level of bright energy to a room, bouncing light to reach further than it would naturally. Adding mirrors to your space is also a tried and tested method for making a room appear bigger than it actually is. Add visual interest through a statement wall, your favorite art pieces, or a plant or two, and you’ve suddenly created a more expansive space. 

Opt for sheer curtains 

Sheer has remained one of the most adopted curtain fabric choices over the years, and for good reason. With a simple installation and a light weight, sheer curtains can be fitted into almost any window space. Their soft, cloudlike texture provides excellent diffusion for bright sunlight, making them excellent for living rooms large or small. Their versatility makes them romantic when required, always elegant, and a reliable design choice no matter your space.

Keep windows clean and maintained

Many houses and apartments will receive the majority of their lighting naturally through windows. For this reason, it’s important to treat them well and keep them sparkling like new. Perhaps one of the most important investments you can make for the lighting in your home is the fitting and sealing of your windows. A beautiful living room is only as livable as its practical comfort, and if you live in an area with freezing winters or scorching summers, that window seal will be felt. 

Always opt to clean with a glass cleaning solution, either bought or made, which doesn’t leave streaks. Normal all-purpose cleaners and disinfectants can leave unsightly streaking on your glass and make it look dirty or cloudy.

Incorporate glass and metallic accents to reflect light

There are two ways to shape light: direct light and bounced light. As a fun fact, countless seasoned film cinematographers utilize massive specialty boards and fabric materials to softly reflect harsher light across a set. You can utilize the same principle in your home – while making it look stylish, too.

Besides mirrors, glass and metallic surfaces are some of the best at reflecting light. A flatter surface will reflect light more directly, while a textured surface will scatter light particles and diffuse the lighting more overall. Play around with glass and metallic accents or furniture pieces to diffuse light through your space and add textual interest. 

Create a cozy space through thoughtful lighting choices

A couple reads a book together in their living room, illuminated by a black Kero Table Light

Let’s face it – nobody is going to be spending more time in your living room than you. So when it comes to your living room design, why not focus on comfort? Let these cozy living room lighting ideas inspire you to create the homey living space of your dreams. 

A reading nook with focused lighting

Ah, the reading nook. A must for avid readers and the book-ambitious alike, a reading nook is the height of living room comfort. Grab your favorite armchair, beanbag, or recliner, and create a private nook via strategic placement of bookcases featuring your preferred reading materials. For lighting, consider a soft, warm task light to amplify the existing ambient lighting in the space. Bookshelves, plants, and the soft hum of the outside world set the scene for afternoon immersion into stories fantastical or familiar. 

Adjustable reading lights 

Of course, a quality reading light is a must-have for keeping your personal book party going well into the night. If you’re looking for a bespoke dimmable reading light with a punchy design, Gantri’s clamp lighting collection packs a versatile solution for mood lighting. Simply clamp onto a shelf, support, or any ledge anywhere in your living room, and you’re good to go.

Place a spotlight on artwork or decor 

Blank walls were meant to be decorated. The artwork we choose to display does more than just fill space – it’s a statement that defines a space’s mood, color, and atmosphere. Spotlighting your decorations gives your living room a museum-like classiness. Whether they’re hung from the ceiling, affixed to the ground, or clamped onto a ledge, spotlights are the perfect accent lighting choice to showcase your favorite art pieces. 

Explore contemporary lighting fixtures

The Word Table  Lamp by Gantri lights up the room, aesthetically placed above three coffee table books on a couch’s side table.

Nowadays we can make just about anything emit light, but your space deserves the best. Looking for something a little different? Make a statement with some of the newest innovations in lighting design.

Statement pendant lights 

Pendant lights add a classic design element to any living space. Though they’re a trickier installation than some lights, their soft glow adds a layer of comforting accent lighting that complements your living room year-round. Highlighting tables, islands, or even fixtures such as fireplaces greatly improves the feeling of your living room by placing a pleasing emphasis on the spots you’re likely to enjoy the most.

Experiment with shapes and materials 

Advanced lessons in interior design cover complementary shapes, angles, and materials. Modern interiors tend to lean towards a minimalistic approach of geometric design, or if you want to go retro you’re going to be including a lot of smooth curves into your design. 

Experiment with the shapes, materials, textures, and colors that work for you. Why not try the Cantilever Table Light for a whimsical, off-center illumination, or the Pavone Floor Light for an inviting glow that elongates your space?

Art that doubles as lighting 

Oftentimes the best statement is a bold one. Explore your bold side by filling your living room with some of the most unique Gantri artistic lighting solutions. Snuggle up on a winter night under the illumination of the Kero Table Light by Noun Studio, or find your balance with the Baltar Lantern Light designed by Kickie Chudikova. 

Bespoke living room lighting solutions from Gantri

The Argizari Table Light illuminates a wooden table filled with several books and several pieces of table decor.

Your living room is the community center of your home, your safe haven from difficult days, the place where memories are made. Illuminating your living room to match those ideals has never been easier with design-forward lighting solutions from Gantri.

Ready for the next generation of lighting? For design inspiration and the latest and greatest in sustainable designer lighting solutions, check out Gantri’s collections today